Waseda and Keio University adopt an integrated library management system

Waseda University Library and Keio University Media Center have formed an agreement to jointly adopt and run an integrated library management system developed by Ex Libris’ Alma and Primo VE in 2019.

Back in April 1986, Waseda and Keio University established an agreement that allows professors with tenure as well as graduate and undergraduate students of both universities to use each other’s library resources. In May 2017, the two universities agreed to expand the framework of this agreement to work towards integrating the library systems of the two top private universities in Japan.

The Alma and Primo integrated library management system is also adopted by many world leading universities, such as the University of Cambridge and Harvard University. The introduction of the new system will realize a unifed e-resource management system of international standard that handles a combined library resources of over 10,000,000 books.

Benefits of adopting an integrated library system

  1. Standardization of resource catalog
  2. Consolidation of library management systems
  3. Rendering of comprehensive services and resources
  4. Cost reduction from having to maintain separate systems
  5. Promotion of knowledge and skills exchange between staff of participating universities

From left: Yoshiaki Fukazawa (Director of Waseda University Library), Ziv Benzvi (Vice President of Ex Libris) and Kanji Akagi (Director of Keio University Media Center)

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