Lending a hand to students with disabilities on campus

Anyone can contribute to make a the campus a better place for everyone

Michiru Akatsuka from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University.

Michiru Akatsuka, a third year student from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, registered herself as a student volunteer with the University’s Office for Students with Disabilities. Being a student volunteer for the office means that a student has to offer his or her time and commitment to assist students with disabilities in areas such as in-class note taking and moving about campus.

The third year student came to know about the Office for Students with Disabilities through a pamphlet she received at the Career Center on campus. At the time, she thought that being able to help those in need around her is a wonderful and meaningful thing to do, and thus decided to be a student volunteer at the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Akatsuka stresses that it does not take any talent to assist students with disabilities. All it takes is sensitivity to others or the heart to want to make a better difference in their lives. Even if one is unable to help directly, he or she can still contribute through little actions such as ceding an elevator for those in need or refraining from using smartphone while walking. These efforts will make the campus a better for everyone including students with disabilities.

Student volunteers at the Office for Students with Disabilities. Akatsuka is the third student from the left in yellow.

Through her contact with students with disabilities, Akatsuka learnt the importance of being courageous in challenging oneself to new things and greater heights. Although she did feel nervous and anxious before being a student volunteer for students with disabilities, Akatsuka is really glad that she decided to take up the challenge.

When asked about the future job she planned to do in future, Akatsuka said that she wanted to be working for an organization that exists for the better good of the people in society. As for now, she would continue to delicate about five hours of her time a week to helping students with disabilities on campus, along with 100 other student volunteers.


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