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Postgraduate students report on study-abroad experience at KU Leuven in Belgium

Four Ph.D. candidates at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences participated KU Leuven’s specially customized study-abroad program as one of Belgium’s most prestigious universities with the support of Top Global University (SGU) program for 1 to 2 months.

In this series, individual reports and group debriefing will be regularly updated, highlighting their studies and focusing on their discoveries throughout the lives at Leuven City with a mixture of classic and contemporary arts in the heart of Europe.

It describes invaluable experiences that they encountered in other countries’ academia in a short period of time. It would be great if anyone who is keen on study-abroad could read the upcoming articles. The updated schedule is as follows:

1. Vol. 1 Report of Ms. Kyoko Fujihira (around Aug 5)
2. Vol. 2 Report of Mr. Shun Otsuka (around Aug 20)
3. Vol. 3 Report of Ms. Mamiko Kato (around Sep 5)
4. Vol. 4 Report of Mr. Wu Ding Yi (around Sep 18)
5. Group debriefing 1st half
6. Group debriefing 2nd half






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