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The “Waseda Goes Global” Plan

The objective of the Waseda Goes Global Plan is to produce 100,000 global leaders within 10 years and rank among the world’s top 100 universities in 18 research areas within 10 years. We are aiming to achieve these two goals by taking the following actions:

1. Develop education and research programs to solve global challenges and innovate the future

With the aim of acquiring knowledge and establishing a framework to reform academic programs as well as the governance structure in the University, Waseda will implement drastic reforms in model units over seven research areas. Moreover, Waseda will strive ahead to establish a system to foster individuals to solve global challenges and innovate the future by utilizing the academic networks developed between Waseda and its partner institutions.

2. Globalize education and research programs

Waseda will work together with leading universities around the world to build an international academic network where students and researchers can engage in their work without being deterred by national borders or structural differences and move flexibly between institutions. Seeking to attract excellent students from all over the world to Waseda, the University will be relentlessly committed to its reforms.

3. Fundamentally reform the faculty recruitment system and university governance

World-class faculty will be recruited from around the world. Waseda will implement fundamental governance reforms to integrate powers and responsibilities within the University as well as establish a financial base that will ensure continuous funds in education and research even after the MEXT Top Global University Project ends.

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