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Our Aspirations

In anticipation of Waseda Vision 150, the goals of the Waseda Goes Global Plan are set out below.

Objective of Initiative

To remain a university that leads and contributes to the world

Produce 100,000 global leaders within ten years

  • The cultivation of global leaders of the highest caliber and character with a strong sense of humanity and insight who show promise in being able to contribute to the world

Indicators of Success: Student diversity, faculty and staff diversity, internationality of education, internationality of research, internationality of entrance exams, appropriate governance, international openness

Rank among the world’s top 100 universities in 18 research areas within ten years

  • Advancement of original research that will ultimately contribute to real world peace and the happiness of human society

Indicators of success: international mobility of education and research, robustness of systems that support sustainable development (human resources, infrastructure and fiscal systems)

Three Objectives and Six Approaches

To achieve the goals of the Waseda Goes Global Plan, six specific approaches will be undertaken to meet three specific objective.

Objective 1: Build research and education systems to solve global challenges and innovate the future

Approach 1: Build model units where world-leading researchers and educators will gather

Model units in seven research areas will lead the whole university
  • Solve global challenges
  • Establish global research units
  • Build international networks to enable researchers to move freely between institutions, etc.

Approach 2: Build systems for the cultivation of faculty and researchers, using networks with universities around the world

International mobility of faculty and researchers
  • Joint international research supervision
  • Network degrees (with institutions such as Columbia University, University of Oxford, and Peking University), etc.

Objective 2: Advancement of thorough globalization of education and research programs

Approach 3: Build education systems with international interfaces

Freely exchangeable education and research supervision
  • Quarter system
  • Top elite education programs
  • Faculty development with the University of Washington, etc.

Approach 4: Attract the world’s top students

Attract a diverse range of excellent students from all over the world
  • Accept 10,000 international students and send 10,000 Japanese students abroad
  • International Baccalaureate
  • International student dormitories, etc.

Objective 3: Fundamental reform of faculty recruitment systems and university governance

Approach 5: Attract world-class faculty

Attract world-class faculty
  • International mobility of faculty and international openings for faculty positions
  • Tenure-track system and joint appointment system
  • Annual salary system, etc.

Approach 6: Thorough implementation of university reforms

Integration of authorities and responsibilities within organization
  • Performance evaluation and incentives for undergraduate and graduate schools
  • Effective decision-making
  • Fundraising to strengthen financial base, etc.

Numerical Targets

The following numerical targets will be established for these three objectives.

1. Build research and education systems to solve global challenges and innovate the future

  AY 2013 AY 2023
Intake of medium and long-term researchers (Ranked 2nd in AY 2012) 810 1,600
Number of medium and long-term researchers dispatched (Ranked 5th in AY 2013) 179 500
External research funding received ¥10.2 B ¥15.0 B
Number of Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research approved(Ranked 12th in AY 2013) 883 1,400
Number of subjects in top 100 QS rankings 5 18

Double the number of long-term research accepted

Funding for this initiative will be concentrated on the seven model units, to create research and educational environments that will attract the highest caliber researchers and post-graduate students to Waseda. In this way, we will double the number of researchers coming to Waseda, and the number of researchers sent by Waseda to other universities will also be doubled. As a result, by the 10th academic year of the initiative, we will aim to rank among the top 50 universities in those research areas in which the model units are involved, and, by extending the outcomes of the model units out into the whole university, rank in the top 100 in 18 of the 25 research areas that Waseda is able to cover, with an overall ranking in the top 100.

Expansion of external research funding and number of Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research approved

To advance the development of world-class research and educational environments, we will establish systems for the advancement of research that is not dependent on tuition fees. For research funding, in addition to Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research that will become the foundations of academic research, we will work to win more of the various competitive research funds, to increase funding by 50% to ¥15 billion in ten years, and double it in 20 years.

2. Advancement of thorough internationalization of education and research

AY 2013

AY 2023

No. of students with experience studying abroad
* All students to experience study abroad at least once before graduating

3,076 p.a.

10,650 p.a.

Intake of international students

4,415 (8.4%) 9,165 (19.2%)

Graduation in foreign language only

50 courses
/2,661 students

64 courses
/4,480 students

Mixed student accommodation capacity

1,538 4,422

Students notified of scholarship award at time of enrollment offer

1,552 3,250

Study Abroad for All Students: All students to experience study abroad at least once before graduation

By AY 2023, realize a Study Abroad for All Students program, in which all students will experience study abroad at least once before they graduate. This program would be achieved by sending 10,000 students, which is equivalent to the number of students of an academic year, to study overseas every year. To achieve this, over the next three years, we will significantly expand, in both quantity and quality, our existing short-term and medium to long-term study abroad programs.

Realization of Global Campus Initiative, a fusion of multiple cultures

At Waseda, our ultimate target is for international students to account for 20% (10,000) of the total student body. To achieve this, we will develop and implement strategies for recruiting international students, with the target of achieving 9,165 international students (19.2% of total student body) at the conclusion of this Initiative in AY 2023, and increase that to 11,599, approximately one-quarter of the total student body, for the full year. In our English-language degree programs, we will increase the number of courses offered from 50 in AY 2013 to 64 in AY 2023, and we will also increase the quotas for existing English-language degree programs.

Expansion and enhancement of international student dormitories where students with diverse values can gather

When students not only from all over Japan but from various parts of the world, with diverse and cosmopolitan values, study and live together, mutual understanding will be promoted and students will cultivate the communication skills needed to operate in a global society. These students will also form wide-ranging personal networks. To realize this, we will expand and enhance our international student dormitory offerings.

Shift to notification of university-provided scholarships at time of enrollment offer

All university-provided scholarships will be revised so that students to whom they are to be awarded will be notified of this when they receive their offer to enroll at the university. To maintain the high quality of our students in achieving our target of international student acceptance (11,599 in AY 2023 (full year)), our scholarships will be changed from a form of “economic assistance” to a “tool to attract the best people.” In this way, we will secure Waseda’s superior advantage in the international competition for high-caliber international students.

3. Fundamental reform of faculty recruitment systems and university governance

AY 2013 AY 2023
International faculty members, etc. (including those with overseas degrees, etc.) 760 (45.3%) 1,380 (75.0%))
Female faculty members 245 402

Faculty on annual salaries (including those substantively on annual salaries)

99 (5.9%) 791 (43.0%)
Donations received ¥3.5 B ¥7.0 B


Proactive recruitment of foreign nationals for faculty positions

The percentage of academic staff who are foreign nationals or who have obtained their degrees at overseas universities will be increased to 75% in AY 2023. Under Waseda Vision 150, we have set a target of having foreign nationals account for 20% of all full-time faculty positions. We intend to proactively recruit foreign-national academic staff, with a target of 222 foreign-national faculty in AY 2023. In the 6 model units, we are pursuing policies for greater international mobility of faculty, such as introducing joint degrees, and conducting worldwide recruitment of high-caliber foreign-national faculty to promote joint research supervision.

Increase percentage of female faculty and introduce an annual salary system for academic staff

Waseda Vision 150 sets forth a target of women accounting for 30% of all full-time faculty positions. To achieve this, we are pursuing approaches to increase the number of female academic staff and researchers and improve the quality of the educational and research environments.

By introducing an annual salary system and flexible wage structure, we will attract excellent academic staff and researchers from all over the globe. The system will be introduced progressively for each individual faculty category, with the aim of having 43.0% of faculty applied to the annual salary system in AY 2023.

International fundraising

To strengthen our financial base and enable us to offer even more attractive scholarships to international students, we will conduct fundraising activities overseas. We have a significant track record in the East Asian region, so we will open up fundraising channels in other regions as well. As well as employing fundraisers, we will dispatch staff to Indiana University and other institutions that are at the forefront of university fundraising and strive to develop new fundraising methods.

In anticipation of Waseda Vision 150, we will introduce the image we aim to achieve with the Waseda Goes Global Plan.

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