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Peaceful Coexistence and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia

Research Unit Outline

Asia is ever expanding as a growing region which will have a significant impact on the future of the world.  On the other hand, many locales within Asia are still suffering from stagnation and poverty, making peace and stability, growth and development for the future of Asia a global issue. There is a need to engage in these issues urgently, avoid friction and clashes, and create a freer, more democratic, peaceful and stable Asia. In conjunction with this, there is much active discussion about regional integration within Asia. However, Asia is a region with a rich diversity, where many religions including Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity coexist. A diverse approach is adamant for Asia, which houses a variety of values. Therefore there is a call for an academic and strategic action and framework.  In challenging this, Asian Research Unit will launch long-term key research programs in the following four fields.

  1. Research Program
    Various project research institutions established under the umbrella of Asian Research Unit will conduct research based on individual research plans. In particular, the Institution of Asian Studies will conduct interdisciplinary research specializing in Asian studies, and will be the driving force of Asian Research Unit, which promotes and supports Asian studies.
  2. Network Program
    This is a program for the formation of a research network that is the basis of all research activities that Asian Research Unit promotes and supports, including collaborated research / studies and academic exchange between Japanese and overseas researchers and research institutions. As a catalyst of information on research activities, the program will also offer the Asia Salon, Asia seminars and Asia symposiums.
  3. Publishing Program
    In order to disseminate the achievements of Asian Research Unit programs through the medium of publication, we will offer journals concerning Asian studies. The Waseda Asia Review (in Japanese) will be published as a journal where neutral critique positioned between “journalism” and “academism” can take place. This review will endeavor to explain, in a way the general reader can understand, the diversity, difficulty and necessity of Asian studies, based on academic material.
  4. Education Program
    Education is another important mission for Asian Research Unit. Within the university, we will pass along to students the academic achievements made in the research activities at Asian Research Unit through the “Theme College” program (offered as a seminar). Furthermore, we will support the training of young researchers involved in Asia-related studies in Japan and overseas through various types of research interactions and collaborated researches.

Project Research Institutes

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