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Center for international reconciliation studies


ASANO Toyomi  [ ASANO Toyomi ]
Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Research Theme

Creation for reconciliation studies, and its social dissemination as well as its practice on education.

Research Overview

The foundation of this center was initiated by Professor Toyomi Asano, Director of the International Reconciliation Studies.In order to create new academic discipline through this center, he launched a project called ‘Creation for Reconciliation Studies – In Quest of legitimate Reconciliation’

This project seeks to make this center as a major instituti on for reconciliation studies here at Waseda University. The development of reconciliation studies aims to deepen the understanding of the uniqueness of the history of East Asia in a context of international relations–the region of East Asia used to suffer from the Japanese imperialism and colonialism. This project will critically use the discourse of conflict resolution studies and transitional justice theory.

In order to fulfil the aim of the project, this center consists of three research groups as the following; the group of ‘Historians’ Network’ will analyse the history of the movement of the governments after the end of the Cold War; the group of ‘Reconciliation Culture and Memory’ will explore cultural media, which had an impact on national sentiment of civilians; the group of ‘Ideals and Theory’ will seek an idealistic base for reconciliation in East Asia.

The Center for International Reconciliation Studies aims to make new academic field, reconciliation studies, solid and is hoping to be a leading institution.Through this project, the center seeks to provide innovative research and have a profound impact on education and research culture here at Waseda University.The center expects to have four achievements as the following:

1.Alongside the multiplicative effect of a Super Global University (SGU) Project, the center will gradually develop reconciliation studies as equivalent to conflict resolution studies and peace studies. It will be the global level of studies based in Waseda University in Japan

2.Because of joint research with the Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies,which has a wide range of networks with overseas institutions, the center will become a base of reconciliation studies.

3.The center will use reconciliation studies, new academic discipline, as a practice for education through the collaboration with the Campus Asia. The feedback given by students will be reflected in our research. On the basis of this mutual effect, we will be able to outline a curriculum of reconciliation studies as a sub-major course here at Waseda University.

4.The center, as a base of the new academic body, will establish‘The Institute of vJapan Reconciliation Studies (tentative)’, and will disseminate internationally about our research and issues of reconciliation relating to East Asia.


ASANO Toyomi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
UMEMORI Naoyuki (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
INAMURA Kazutaka (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Associate Professor)
KIM Kmok (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Professor)
LIU Jie (Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor)
HUANG Bin (Junior Reaearcher)

Adjunct Researchers

ASANO Shinichi
Chung Jihye
NAGAO, Ryuichi

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