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LIU Jie  [ LIU Jie ]
Faculty of Social Sciences

Research Theme

Research on Historical Reconciliation and International Relations in East Asia

Research Overview

In the last 30 years, East Asia has undergone major changes: the end of Cold War, the democratization of Korea and Taiwan, the rise of China, and Japan’s escape from its post-war regime. These events have contributed to a resurgent nationalism among East Asian countries. Beneath the undercurrent of nationalism in East Asia lies perception gap regarding historical issues. As a result, historical reconciliation in the region remains unrealized and is proving to be a major hurdle to regional security.
This institute has conducted research regarding historical perception, dialogues of historical issues, and historical perception in connection with international relations between Japan, China and Korea. This research has culminated in the creation of educational materials for a course titled “Research on East Asia Studies”. Furthermore, we have actively advanced our research by holding collaborative seminars with Japanese and Chinese historical researchers, building working relationships with other research institutes and universities in the region, and distributing and publishing information.
Although it is still very difficult to create an environment in East Asia (including Japan) that enables scholars to have a balanced discussion toward historical issues, important dialogues among scholars are occurring. This may be seen as a result of the effort to achieve mutual understanding among researchers. However, it is undeniable that a profound gap in understanding toward historical issues among these three countries still exists. Moreover, territorial and diplomatic matters are often linked to historical perception problems, which increase the complexity of historical issues.
The goal of this institute is to utilize research on historical issues and international relations in East Asia to discover a path that could lead to the historical reconciliation. Moreover, we aim to construct researcher networks and establish intellectual communities. We strongly believe that actively publicizing research to society as well as making constructive recommendations will push the countries in the region toward rapprochement, and open up new possibilities for international affairs researches in the future.


HIRANO Kenichiro


ASANO Toyomi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
LIU Jie (Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor)
LEE Sungsi (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Professor)
Okusako Hajime(Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
LEE Jong Won (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
HUANG Bin (Faculty of Social Sciences, Assistant Professor without tenure)

Adjunct Researchers

KANETO Sachiko
Shing Chin Shyu
NOGUCHI Masahiro
BAE Youngmi
Yeh Ting Ting

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