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ICC Online Art Therapy Workshop: Improve your well-being through art! (12/7) ◆Deadline: 11/15, 9am


Are you feeling down lately? Do you often feel anxious?

Do you have trouble concentrating or sleeping?

Perhaps those are signals from your body that you are mentally exhausted.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new normal: social isolation and many restrictions. As a result of coping with the prolonged impact, many people are struggling mentally.

In the wake of this pandemic, teletherapy is seen as one alternative to address the problem, and among many therapy methods, art therapy is one which people choose to cope with stress and anxiety.

Art therapy is a psychotherapy method to address, explore, and communicate our emotions using art and creative methods such as coloring, painting, and more. More than the result, the process of creating art has therapeutic benefits, and it is recognized as a healing method.

In this event, you can learn about color psychology as an element of art therapy and talk with a certified art therapist. ICC will also send a coloring page in advance for you to color on your own. At the event, you’ll get to interact and talk in small groups with the facilitator and other participants.

As the pandemic persists and uncertainty remains, let the power of art heal your soul.

Date & Time

Dec. 7th, 2021 (Tue) 6:15-7:45pm (Zoom meeting room opens at 6:00pm) 


Online (Zoom)
*Link will be sent to participants by the day before the event


Waseda Students, Faculty & Staff


MC: English & Japanese
Presentation & 
Workshop: Japanese




Required, through MyWaseda: Click here!


Around 30 people

*If applications exceed capacity, participants will be decided by lottery.
Results will be announced by email on November 15th.

Registration Deadline

Nov. 15th (Mon) 9:00am


Guest Speakers

  • Tamio Suenaga 

Color Psychology researcher, Representative Director of Shikisai Gakkou (Color Academy) and International Art Therapy and the Color Psychology Association 

He has been engaged in experimental art activities since the 1960s, and in recent years, documentary films of that time have been screened in museums both inside and outside Japan. In 1964, he began researching color psychology at the Japan Children’s Drawing Research Association. He established Art Land Children’s Atelier in 1966, and opened Shikisai Gakkou (Color Academy) in 1989. He practices mental care for people of all ages through art therapy based on color psychology. He lectures and holds workshops at universities inside and outside Japan, including Tama Art University. He supports art therapy activities in disaster areas such as that of the Great East Japan Earthquake. He appeared on NHK “Kagai jyugyo youkoso sempai” (a TV show that brings famous graduates to teach at their old schools). His books include “Shikisai jiyujizai” (Complete Freedom of Color:  Shobunsha), “Kotaewa kodomo-no e-no naka-ni (The Answer Is in Children’s Drawings: Kodansha), and “Kokorono byoki-ni naranai shikisai serapi (Color Therapy to Prevent Mental Illness: PHP). 

  • Megumi Sakumoto 

Color psychology lecturer, children’s art counselor, Director of International Art Therapy and Color Psychology AssociationZen Master of international Chinese medicine, President of Kokorone Atelier 

She majored in education at university and was interested in “the unconsciousness expressed in children’s drawings.” She has studied under Tamio Suenaga of Shikisai Gakko since 2001. She started working as a children’s art counselor in 2005 and established Kokorone Atelier in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward in 2015. She runs an art program, Children’s Free Creation Place – Child-rearing Counseling Practice Using Drawing, and a nutrition program, Teaching Herbal Medicine for Living. Her activities are centered around the concept of being physically and mentally healthy. 


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Online (Zoom)


Fri, 08 Oct 2021

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