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Asian and American Experiences in Higher Education (10/21) ICC Online Discussion with University of Richmond ▶Deadline: 10/18 9:00am


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in malicious acts against Asians and Asian Americans in the United States. As the pandemic continues, how can we tackle this issue and provide support to those affected? 

Waseda University and the University of Richmond are proud to present an online dialogue, “Asian and Asian American Experiences in Higher Education.” 

After travelling to Southeast Asia in the summer of 2019professors and students from Richmond University began to consider how to expand interaction with colleagues around the globe, and in particular across Asia. Dr. Monti Datta, associate professor of political science, and Dr. Bob Spires, associate professor of education, wish to open a dialogue between the students of Richmond and Waseda in order to connect students between East and West, and understand the challenges Asians and Asian Americans face today.   

This event will explore Asian and Asian American voices in East and West. Through this exchange, we hope to explore and problematize pre-conceived notions about Asians and Asian Americans, and generate an open dialogue toward greater understanding about some of the challenges Asians and Asian Americans face today. We hope this dialogue, as part of a collaborative webinar series, will help sensitize community members who attend to gain new perspectives on these challenges.  

  • Introduction
  • Framing the Conversation
  • Perspectives from the University of Richmond
  • Perspectives from Waseda University
  • Breakout Groups and Discussion
  • Closing Remarks  

Oct. 21, 2021 (Thu.) 9:00 – 10:30am
*Zoom opens at 8:45pm


Online (Zoom) 
*URL will be sent to participants by the day before the event.


Waseda Students, Faculty & Staff






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Registration Deadline

Oct. 18th (Mon.) 9:00am

About Dr. Monti Datta

Dr. Monti Narayan Datta is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Richmond, where he teaches classes in research methods, international relations, global governance, human rights & modern slavery, and the US image. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dr. Datta obtained his BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley, after which he spent three years teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea and Japan. After spending time abroad, he returned to the United States to pursue his doctorate in political science at UC Davis, where he wrote his dissertation on anti-Americanism and the US image. Dr. Datta currently studies the phenomenon of human trafficking/contemporary slavery. Some of his current research looks at contemporary slavery in armed conflicts as well as the relationship between trust (or social capital) and human trafficking. 

About Dr. Bob Spires

Dr. Bob Spires is an Associate Professor of Graduate Education at the University of Richmond. His research focuses on grassroots NGOs using education to address social issues such as poverty and human trafficking. Dr. Spires has conducted fieldwork in Thailand, Cambodia, and Hong Kong with grassroots anti-trafficking NGOs and serves on the board of Love Without Boundaries who have programs in China, Cambodia, and India. He collaborates with the Cambodian diaspora in Virginia and with the Asian American Society of Central Virginia. He has taught courses on Human Trafficking as well as International NGOs. 

About University of Richmond

The University of Richmond is a private liberal arts college located in Richmond, Virginia, USA. The university serves approximately 4,350 undergraduate and graduate students across five schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, the University of Richmond School of Law and the School of Professional & Continuing Studies. 


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Fri, 17 Sep 2021

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