Intercultural Communication Center (ICC)Waseda University

Hauska ~Broaden your horizons with international friends~

Christmas Party in 2019

Our concept – Making international friends in English and Japanese 
Here are our unique points↓ 
1.”Cozy atmosphere”
A group of not many members makes it easier for you to connect closely with international friends.  
2. “Multinational participants”
Our members are from the U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Finland, Korea, Taiwan etc… 
3. “Participation is not mandatory”
You can participate freely according to your schedule. 

Basic Information
  • Club Name: Hauska
  • Year of Founding: 2017 
  • Genre: Intercultural Exchange
  • Activity Date: Sunday 21:00 (JST)~
  • Member Composition: About30 (Japanese 10, Foreigners 20)
  • Location: Zoom  
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
    Instagram: @hauska.waseda 

You can always join this circle. Please feel free to contact us! 


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