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ICC Online Talk Session: Language skills and intercultural communication in a global society – Progress and challenges as a diplomat (July 6) Guest: Yukihiro NIKAIDO ▶️Deadline: Jun. 30, 9:00AM


With advances in globalization and information technology, it is becoming common to be connected online to people around the world without ever leaving the country. It is safe to say that the range of opportunities to act on the world stage is steadily expanding.

When thinking about your future career, you are probably notice terms such as “global human resources” and “international workplace.”

Still, it may seem that “working globally” is a bit beyond your reach. While you may be generally interested in intercultural exchange or international work, it may be hard to imagine yourself actually using a foreign language, working with people from different cultural backgrounds. You may wonder if you can really accomplish such a thing.

ICC has invited Mr. Yukihiro Nikaido, a former diplomat who now teaches at multiple educational institutions, for a talk session on these topics. He will share real episodes around intercultural communication, approaches to language study for working on the world stage and other lessons from his 39 years of diplomat experience in countries such as Australia, Iran and Switzerland.

Diplomat is a perfect example of an “international” profession, conducting negotiations and exchange for the purpose of peace, security and prosperity of Japan and the world, but diplomacy is not only conducted by diplomats.

What abilities and perspectives do each of us need to understand the cultures of different countries and regions, and to increase understanding of our own country?

This will surely be a meaningful event for people who want to gain skills in language and cultural understanding, to perform on the global stage, or have interest in the work of a diplomat. All are welcome!

Date & Time

July 6th (Tue.), 2021, 6:15-7:45pm
*Zoom will open at 6:00pm. Early arrivals please wait in the waiting room.


Online (Zoom meeting)
*Zoom link and details will be sent to participants by July 5


Waseda students, faculty and staff


MC in Japanese & English, Presentation in Japanese, Questions will be taken in Japanese or English




Required via MyWaseda

Registration Deadline

June 30th (Wed.), 9:00am

Guest Speaker: Yukihiro Nikaido

BA (Law), Keio University; MA (Political Science), University of California, Berkeley

After working as a diplomat in Australia, Bulgaria, Iran, United States, Kuwait and Switzerland, served as a Professional Fellow at Columbia University’s East Asia Institute, Director of Research Coordination at the Japan Institute of International Affairs, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for International Policy Studies (now the Nakasone Peace Institute), and visiting professor at Kwansei Gakuin University; currently serving as instructor of English at Gakushuin Women’s College, instructor of American Society at Tokyo Future University, instructor of American Society at Tokyo Seitoku University, instructor of intercultural communication at Tokyo Seiyu Academy, and director at the nonprofit corporation Be Japon (institute that introduces the culture of Kimono to the world).


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Online(Zoom meeting)


Thu, 10 Jun 2021

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