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ICC Japanese Chat Club Online – Recruiting Participants (November 2020)


Let’s speak Japanese!

Exchange students studying Japanese, you’re trying your hardest in class but as soon as you leave the room;

“I don’t really have a chance to speak much.”
“I can’t make any Japanese friends.”

Do any of these thoughts seem familiar to you?

If so, then join the popular ICC Japanese Chat Club, where you can actively communicate in Japanese and enjoy “real” conversation with Japanese students.
For those who don’t like always having to meet and get to know new people, the club-style of this program means that you can meet and chat with the same members many times, and make friends with each other on a deeper level.

This semester, in order to allow as many international students to participate as possible we will be continuing our two online clubs per week format from October into November.
You can join and interact with us from your house and even from outside Japan!

Even though some classes are being held in person again, we’re sure there are many international students have not had the chance to make Japanese friends yet, and who could not participate due to their schedule in October. So all of you, don’t miss this chance! Sign up now!
This is a chance for you not only want to practice your Japanese but also mix with Japanese students and grow your on campus network even a little so that you will have more peace of mind when you return to campus.

★ Past Japanese Chat Club Member Comments

“It was only a short time, but I got to speak a lot of Japanese!”
“I could make new Japanese friends.”

Date and time

Tuesday-5th Period Club
Nov. 10, 17 and 24 (Tue.) 4:45-6:00pm

Thursday-5th Period Club
Nov. 12, 19 and 26 (Thu.) 4:45-6:00pm

★It doesn’t matter if you participate in either one or both.
(You can enter the Zoom meeting room from 4:40pm. If you try to enter earlier than this time you will be directed to the “waiting room”, in that case please wait patiently for the event to start.)


Online (Zoom) (We will notice the URL and other information by the day before the above dates. )


Waseda Students, Researchers, & Staff who want to speak in Japanese


Japanese (All levels welcome!)




Via MyWaseda

Application Deadline

Nov. 2 (Mon), 9:00am


Around 50 people in each club
(In the event that a large number of applications are received, a random lottery will be held to select participants, with the results announced by email on the application deadline day.)

*There is also a file called ” 【日本語母語学生対象・サポーター募集】ICC にほんごペラペラクラブ” on the application form lists, so please be careful not to select the wrong file.


E-mail: [email protected]

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Sun, 01 Nov 2020

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