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【Registration Period:Oct. 7-Oct. 22, 9:00AM】(Student Diversity Center Collaboration Event 2020 Vol. 2) Online Theme Cafe: Become a SDGs innovator yourself! – SDGs CARDGAME”X (Cross)” Online Tryout Session – (October 28)


What do you imagine our world will be like in 2030?

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are goals agreed at a UN summit in order to create a better world by the year 2030. However, these goals can often seem large, difficult and to cover a large number of topics.

Now you can have fun learning more about the world of SDGs through a card game at this event which is one of the “Student Diversity Center Collaboration Events 2020”.

The “SDGs Action CARDGAME X (Cross)” (details below) is used in businesses and local governments and is a great way for people to get experience in innovating and problem solving while learning the concept of SDGs. Anyone can enjoy playing the game with no prior knowledge of it or SDGs. On the day, after being split into breakout rooms, participants will get to challenge the “theme” of the game together.

What solutions will you find to the world’s problems? Let’s all think and work together!

And this time, we will have the cooperation of the games inventors; Kanazawa Institute of Technology’s student project “SDGs Global Youth Innovators (GYIs)”. As the event is online, we are able do a live collaborative event together. This will be a great chance to mix with students from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology too.

So don’t wait, sign up today!

*If you need special accommodations such as text-based interpretation  etc., please fill in the form below and return it to us before Oct. 14th. If you wish to apply after that date, please contact us to discuss the situation, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Date & Time

October 28, 2020 (Wed.) 18:15 – 19:45
(You can enter the Zoom meeting room from 18:00. If you try to enter earlier than this time you will be directed to the “waiting room”, in that case please wait patiently for the event to start.)


Online (Zoom) *Zoom URL will be sent to you by email the day before the event.


Waseda Students.


MC will be Japanese & English. The card game explanation will be conducted mainly in Japanese.




Required. Please apply via MyWaseda

*Personal information will only be used for this event.


Around 30 people. (If there are a large number of applications a lottery will be held to decide participants. Results sent by email on the deadline day.)

Registration deadline

October 22nd (Thur.) 9:00am

Guest Profile

Kanazawa Institute of technology’s Student Project “SDGs Global Youth Innovators (GYIs)

With the philosophy “私たちは私たちの未来を救うために (Ourselves, for our future)”, GYIs act as a student’s body to conduct workshops and sessions throughout Japan, with the aim to cultivate the concept of SDGs. Not only making the games, but by holding the workshop using the game and through developing the card application, GYI tries to spread the SDGs to various people. The game used in this event is “THE SDGs Action CARDGAME X (Cross)” which was created mainly by the GYIs in 2018 with the aim to popularize the concept of SDGs.
SDGs Promotion Center, Kanazawa Institute of Technology


Waseda University Student Diversity Center (ICC・Office for Students with Disabilities・GS Center)


SDGs Promotion Center, Kanazawa Institute of Technology


TEL: 03-5286-3990   E-mail:[email protected]

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Thu, 08 Oct 2020

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