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ICC Talk Session: An Identity Connects the World, “Third Culture Kids” -Special talk by a Harvard Graduate Entrepreneur: The Way to Pursue an Active Role in the Global Society- Guest: Ms. Saeko Mizuta (Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TCK Workshop)


Have you heard of the phrase “Third Culture Kids (TCK)” before?
If the “first culture” is that of a person’s parents, and the “second culture” is that of the country or region where the family currently lives, then the “third culture” is a combination of different cultures which may or may not contain parts of the first two, and TCKs are the children raised in, and feel attachment to, this multicultural third culture.

TCKs have a strong global outlook having been raised in a multicultural environment where they often gain a broader set of values regarding issues such as nationality and religion.

These days, with continuing global change, 1 in 30 people has lived outside their own country. How do TCKs form their identity in the midst of multiculturalism? Within that process, there is a secret that we should be aware of so that we too can improve our own “intercultural communication ability” from today onwards.

At this ICC talk session, we have invited Ms. Saeko Mizuta, Founder and CEO of TCK Workshop Co. as our guest. Ms. Mizuta was raised in New York City as a child and then completed her MBA at Harvard Business School. Afterwards, she started a business supporting TCK education and talent cultivation in Japan.

Ms. Mizuta will explain from a teacher’s point of view about how the multicultural environment in which TCKs are raised cultivates the ability for them to adapt to different cultures easily and to have flexibility in their outlook which allows them to respect differing value systems.

This is a great chance to hear the real voice of someone who has experienced living and studying abroad about what they have learned through intercultural communication and hardship.

If you’re thinking of studying abroad yourself, if you want some hints about how to make yourself more global, then come and listen to this talk with us!

Date & Time

November 20th 2019 (Wed), 6:15pm~7:45pm (Doors Open 6:00pm)


Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Waseda Students, Staff, General Public


Japanese (Q&A available in Japanese and English)




Not required.

Guest Profile

Ms. Saeko Mizuta
TCK Workshop Founder, President and Representative Director
Born in Tokyo in 1985 Ms. Mizuta lived in New York from age 5 to age 10. After attending Toho Girls Senior High School she graduated from Tokyo University School of Economics in 2007. In the same year she began working for a foreign consumer goods manufacturing company. Working in the business management section she engaged in business integration projects and post-purchase cost strategy drafting etc. In 2013 she attended Harvard Business School as a Fullbright Scholar. In 2014 she founded TCK Workshop in an effort to advance multilingual and multicultural education. In 2017 she took the stage at TEDx to talk about the importance of her own overseas experiences and multicultural education.


ICC TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail:[email protected]

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Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Mon, 14 Oct 2019

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