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【New event date decided! Registration deadline extended until Nov. 5!】 ICC Sports Event: Touch Rugby (Nov. 9)

Originally postponed due to Typhoon Hagibis, the ICC Touch Rugby match has been rescheduled for November 9th (Sat)!

Sport allows people to communicate across countries and cultures without using words.

The rugby fever in Japan has been spreading like wildfire with the start of the first ever Rugby World Cup held in Asia on September 20th!
But it isn’t enough to just watch right?
Why not take this chance to try playing rugby together with everyone?

Since the world cup is happening in Japan, at the ICC we’ve decided to hold a Touch Rugby Match too!
Touch Rugby has no kicking, and importantly only a light “touch” instead of “tackles” which makes it easy to understand and play and allows everyone from children to adults of all genders to have fun playing together.

We will hold this event at the Kami-Igusa Rugby Field, where the star of the 2015 Rugby World Cup and Waseda alumni Ayumu Goromaru played during his student days.

If you have no experience playing rugby or are unsure about your language skills, don’t worry, you are welcome to join us!!
We will have a special lesson from Waseda Rugby Club alumni, so if you’re thinking of giving rugby a try, you’ll be in experienced hands!

★Every participant will receive a special souvenir present to take home too!

Date & Time

Nov. 9 (Sat) 2019, 6:00pm-8:00pm


Waseda University Rugby Football Club Kami-Igusa Ground (about 5 minutes walk from Kami-Igusa station.)

Meeting Time and Place

5:30pm, Seibu-Shinjuku Line Kami-Igusa Station Ticket Gates


Waseda students


Around 30 participants
* In the event of a large number of applicants a lottery will be held.
* Please note that ICC will select the teams.




via MyWaseda (Click here!)

Sign-up Deadline

Nov. 5 (Tue), 9:00am (The ICC will email you the results on the deadline date)

Touch Rugby Rules

Touch Rugby is a game where two teams try to score “trys” against each other. The field is usually 70mx50m and a try is scored by putting the ball on the ground on or across the opposite goal line (1 try is worth 1 point). Each team has 6 players on the field at a time. The special part of touch rugby is the light “touch” that gives it its name and it is an official rule to be followed. Instead of the tackling found in normal rugby, the defending team can stop the other players using a very light touch to any part of the players clothing, hair or the ball itself. Heavy or violent touches (like tackles or ball kicks) that pose a risk to each other are not allowed. (Reference:


Waseda Club

Waseda University Rugby Club is one of the most prestigious university rugby clubs in the world, and most of the “Waseda Club” members and staff are alumni of Waseda University Rugby Club. Waseda Club is a non-profit organisation with the specific goals of promoting the health of young people through sports and the revitalization of the local community through various activities and projects.


ICC TEL: 03-5286-3990  E-mail: [email protected]

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Waseda University Rugby Football Club Kami-Igusa Ground


Thu, 29 Aug 2019

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