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ICC Talk Session “Slow Food x Japanese Sake -Learning about Japanese culture from Slow Sake-” (Dec 13)
Guest: Natsuko Tabata (Food Culture Coordinator, “Slow Food Nippon Slow Sake” Project Leader)


Hey everyone! Do you know about “Slow Food”?
In today’s modern society filled with fast food, slow food is a movement to enjoy eating by knowing the history and background of local cuisine and ingredients and giving a thought to manufacturers.
The slow food movement began in Italy and has now spread to over 45 countries worldwide.

In order for everyone to understand slow food more deeply, the ICC is holding a talk session with the spotlight on Japanese sake.
As part of the worldwide boom in Japanese sake, there is also a movement within Japan to spread information about “Slow Sake” around the world too.
For this Talk Session, the ICC has invited Food Culture Coordinator and leader of the project “Slow Food Nippon Slow Sake” Natsuko Tabata to explain the main ideas behind slow food and talk about the Japanese Sake.

And we have also prepared several kinds of Japanese Sake, made from the finest local ingredients and made with exemplary brewing methods and producing areas for you to try! During the cafe time you can mix with the other participants while also sampling the depth and breadth of flavours of Japanese Sake!

People interested in “Slow Food”, Japanese Sake lovers or those who have tasted before but want to know more, international students who have never tried before, or people interested in food culture, we’re waiting for you!
You can sample some great Japanese Sake, and we will prepare soft drinks for those under 20.

Don’t miss this great chance to experience Japanese slow style!


Date & Time

December 13 2018(Thu)6:15pm – 7:45pm(Doors Open 6:00pm)


Waseda International Learning Lounge (WILL) (3rd floor, Building 22, Waseda Campus)


①Opening②Lecture③Sake Tasting & Interaction


Waseda University Students and Staff and General Public ※Soft drinks will be provided for those under 20


English & Japanese




Not required.

Guest Profile

Natsuko Tabata
Graduated in 2001 from Waseda University School of Architecture where she did research into the hollowing out of provincial towns and cities. After graduation she worked for Recruit Co., Ltd. for 12 and a half years launching corporate social responsibility (CSR) and engaging in a wide variety of sectors. Moved to Italy to engage in activities involving food and local areas, then began studying for a master’s degree at The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo Italy. Currently leader of the Japanese Sake project at international non-profit “Slow Food”. Visiting Researcher in the Department of Japanese Studies at Gakushuin Women’s College, Tokyo.




E-mail:[email protected]

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Waseda International Learning Lounge (WILL) (3rd floor, Building 22, Waseda Campus)


Sat, 24 Nov 2018

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