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ICC Tea Party: Welcome to the ICC! Enjoy making new friends over tea! ~With the introduction of different countries’ tea cultures by the ICC’s international student staff~(Sept. 19)


Here is a special theme Cafe at the ICC lounge! The international student staff in the ICC will introduce the tea culture in their own country, followed by a discussion cafe. We also prepare tea and snacks for you. Feel free to join in!

Date & Time

Sep. 19th (Wed) 3:30-4:30pm


ICC Lounge (1st floor, Building 3)


Waseda students & staff






Not required

★Here are the comments from the staff members!


Hello! I’m Thais, a staff at the ICC.
I’m a Brazilian student, and I’ll be introducing Mate Tea!
If you want to learn about many different ways of enjoying tea, please come to our event!


Hello everyone! I am Yingpei, the student staff at the ICC.
I am going to introduce the tea culture in my hometown, China.
The Chinese black tea and green tea are quite popular and famous all over the world now, so today I am going to introduce some special Chinese tea you might not familiar with,  another black tea (Pu-erh) and yellow tea. Hope to see you all there!


Hello everyone! My name is Ana and I am a student staff at the ICC.
I come from Romania. I love tea so at this event, I will present Romanian herbal teas.
Looking forward to seeing you all at our event!


Hello! I’m Minami, a student staff leader at the ICC.
I am a Japanese student and I’ll be introducing Japanese Green tea!
My presentation would mainly be about the famous “Matcha”, which is pretty popular worldwide.
I look forward to seeing everyone!

Hello!! I’m Eunwoo Kim, a student staff leader at the ICC.
I’m from Korea and will be introducing traditional Korean tea “Red Ginseng”.
If you are interested, please join us!! Looking forward to seeing you



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ICC Lounge (1F Building 3)


Mon, 10 Sep 2018

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