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ICC Themed Lunch: Thinking About Refugee Issues: Syria & Eritrea (Jan.16, Jan.17)


Hello everyone! How do you spend your lunch time these days?

At the beginning of the New Year, the ICC is hosting two consecutive days of themed lunches on January 16th and 17th.
The theme this time is about the current worldwide refugee crisis.
The lunch is a chance to find out more about two countries from where there are currently many refugees; “Syria” and “Eritrea”, and to think carefully about the current difficulties faced by refugees around the world.

Although images of conflict and persecution tend to be attached to refugees, the guests will talk about not only the dark side of the countries but also their unique history and culture.
And that’s not all! The first 30 participants can also enjoy a free snack from each country!

This is a valuable chance to think about different faraway lands while focusing on one central theme, it’ll definitely be something different and fulfilling for you to do in your lunch time.
Please come along and join us!

Lunch 1: Syria

Syria is currently the country in the world from which the most refugees have fled.
However before the conflict, Syria was a historical and beautiful place, unthinkably safe and secure compared to how it is today, with food and culture praised the world over.
We will have a presentation from Ms. Audrey Legardo, a Syrian staff member working at the authorized NPO “Association for Aid and Relief (AAR)”in Japan.

Lunch 2: Eritrea

Eritrea is a country in north-east Africa which declared independence from Ethiopia in 1991.
Located in a key area facing the Red Sea, the country has been a crossroads for civilisation and has developed a unique culture as a result.
Since the Eritrean government has developed strict surveillance of its people and refuses to hold any elections, there are deep problems not only with refugees fleeing the country, but also with human rights within Eritrea. We will have a presentation from Eritrean Waseda graduate student about these light and dark sides of his country.


Jan. 16th 2018 (Tue) (Syria)

Jan. 17th 2018 (Wed) (Eritrea)


12:15pm – 12:50pm


ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg 3)


Waseda Students and Staff


Jan. 16th: Presentation in Japanese

Jan. 17th: Presentation in English, Chat in either language as you like!


Free (※Please bring your own lunch)


Not required (Free snacks for first 30 people)

Cooperation and Sponsorship

Association for Aid and Relief (AAR), Arabian Restaurant Zenobia, Restaurant ADDIS


ICC TEL: 03-5286-3990  E-mail:

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ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg 3)


Thu, 07 Dec 2017

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