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【Sign up Period: June 20 – July 3】Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.& Waseda ICC English Discussion Cafe “Promoting Diversity” (July 8)


The “ICC English Discussion Cafe” is a place where both undergraduates and graduates from all faculties and backgrounds have the opportunity to come together and discuss important issues in English.

This semester our collaboration cafe with Tokyo Medical and Dental University will be on the theme of “Promoting Diversity”.

In today’s society diversity includes a lot of different aspects such as: nationality, language, religion, sexuality, disability etc.
In recent years great efforts have been made to organize activities to increase awareness of diversity and to respect the diversity of individuality in both the public and private sectors.

On the other hand, diversity can also create strain and opposition within communities.
For example, what can happen when a person who is different joins an organization or group which values uniformity?

If the group can adapt itself to respect and value the differences it has then this can lead to its growth and progress, however if it cannot adapt this can lead to discomfort and bad feelings amongst the members which can weaken it considerably.
From the viewpoint of diversity this is an important chance to ask those who have felt uncomfortable about the promotion of diversity questions like; “Why did you feel uncomfortable?” “How can we get rid of that discomfort?” “Should diversity be promoted?”

At this event, you have a chance to discuss with students not only from Waseda’s faculties of science and liberal arts, but also Tokyo Medical and Dental University’s schools of medicine and dentistry. You don’t need professional knowledge of the topic, or to be fluent in English.
If you want to practice expressing your thoughts in English, or to discuss interesting topics with students from other universities, then please come and join the ICC English Discussion Cafe!

Date & Time

July 8 (Sat), 2017 1:00-3:30pm


1:00-1:30pm  Icebreaker & Self Introductions, 1:30-3:30pm  Discussions


ICC Lounge (1F Bldg. 3)


Waseda Students






Via MyWaseda: [MyWaseda] – [Application forms and Questionnaires] – [Fill Out Application Forms] – [ICCディスカッション・カフェ(英語)English Discussion Cafe with 東京医科歯科大生(7/8)]


July 3 (Mon)  9:00am


Limited to 30 Students. ※A lottery will be held if this limit is exceeded. Successful participants will be notified by mail on the application deadline day.


ICC Tel: 03-5286-3990  E-mail: [email protected]

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ICC Lounge (1F Bldg. 3)


Tue, 20 Jun 2017

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