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ICC Photo Snap Campaign – Post your ICC experiences on SNS and get original items! –


During April the ICC held the #WhatsYourICC campaign.
The campaign period has finished, however due to popular demand it shall continue under a new name! The ICC Photo Snap Campaign!
So if you still want to get your hands on one of our cute ICC bears, or if you forgot to take a photo at our events with our super-stylish ICC photo frame, you’re in luck!
You can still take photos at all our great ICC events this semester using our photo frame and get yourself some ICC original goods by sharing them with everyone on your social media!
Have fun mixing and sharing your ICC photos with everyone via social media!


Until the end of August, 2017


Photo Frame:ICC event venues.
ICC original items:ICC Lounge(Bldg.3, 1F)

How to take part

STEP1 Take a picture with the ICC photo-frame at an ICC event.
STEP2 Post your picture on your social media with the hashag #WhatsYourICC.
→SNS Post×1 =an ICC Original Post-it set!
→SNS Post×3 =an ICC Original ICC Bear Key-holder!
(Each type of goods is limited to one per person)


Waseda students only


Tel:  03-5286-3990  E-mail:  [email protected]


ICCラウンジ(3号館 1階)

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