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【Sign Up Period: Sep.23-Oct.24 Recruiting “Battlers”!】 Book review game “Bibliobattle”@ICC


“This is an amazing book, but I don’t have the chance to tell anybody…”
“I want to try doing a presentation in English!”
“I want to spread the word about books from my country”
If any of those sounds like you, then you should become a Biblio-battler!

A “Biblio-battle” is an exciting game where you introduce a book you really love or that you think people would love to read.
The rules are simple!
1. Battlers (People who introduce the books) choose books they read and found interesting.
2. They then take turns to introduce their books in 5 minutes one at a time.
(After each introduction there is a 3 minute discussion period)
3. Then the audience votes on which book they would most like to read. The winner is declared the Biblio-battle champion!

You don’t need to prepare anything big like a summary or a powerpoint.
You just need to persuade the audience that they should want to read your book using the power of your words!
After the event, there will be cafe time so you can talk about your favourite books with everyone else.

This is a great chance for people who want to share their love of books with others!
We’re waiting for your application.

Date & Time

November 18th (Fri) 5th Period (4:30pm – 6:00pm)


ICC Lounge(Building 3 1st Floor)


English (The book you choose can be Japanese or Foreign)

Special Points

・The Champion will recieve a certificate of victory and an extra prize! (3000 yen book card)
・All participants can write a handwritten introduction card for their book which will be displayed at Kinokuniya’s flagship store in Shinjuku 3-chome and at the Waseda Coop book fair!


Register via MyWaseda
[MyWaseda] ⇒ [Applications Forms and Questionnaires] ⇒ [Fill Out Application Forms] ⇒
[ICC Bibliobattle Battlers Registration]

Registration Period

September 23rd (Fri)~ October 24th (Monday)


5 – 6(If there are more applicants than spaces then a lottery will be held to decide participants)


KINOKUNIYA COMPANY, LTD., Waseda University Coop Book Center


Waseda University Library, Cafaire


ICC   Tel: 03-5286-3990  E-mail: [email protected]

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ICC Lounge(Building 3 1st Floor)


Wed, 21 Sep 2016

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