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Participant Report: ICC x Waseda Association Football Club Online Football Quiz Night! (May 2021)

(photo by author)


Tiago Monteiro
Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

When I was a young boy, I was shy. But after being introduced to the world of football, things changed. I ended up making friends that I have up until this day, and I have been part of amazing families through the footballing spirit. 

At the ICC Football Quiz Night, organized by the ICC staff in cooperation with the Waseda Football team, it was no different. I entered the event knowing nobody and not knowing what to expect at the event – except for what was written in the event description. I couldn’t tell that what was going to happen would be so fun. 

After the event’s formal introduction, the participants were split into different groups. My group had 5 people: me, Bea (ICC member), Shawn, Shoei (Waseda Football team player), and Katrina. We introduced ourselves to each other and following that we went on to participate in the quiz as a team. The quiz was a multiple choice type of quiz, with questions ranging from different topics of football, such as the JLeague, history of football, tactics, football kits and others. Some of the questions were very tricky, as for example which was the quickest shown red card in the JLeague. Our group was a balanced one, because each group member was acquainted with different topics of the sport. That proved to be valuable since it was a learning opportunity for each one. 

The beautiful thing about football is that it teaches people – among many other things – about teamwork. Our participation surpassed my expectations because we understood and worked together right away to answer each of the quiz questions. Each question gave us an opportunity to share some laughs, cherish, think and compete against the other teams. But for me, the group’s bonding was the most important part. I couldn’t hope for a better group of people. 

After the quiz ended, we had some free time to talk more with each other and exchanged contact information. 

My advice for people who may be hesitant about joining ICC’s events, maybe because they may know nobody in the event, is that they should not worry, especially if they are at an event about something that they like. The event’s theme will be a good icebreaker to know the other participants in a very fun, casual, open way – the ICC way I believe. From experience with other ICC events besides the Football Night Quiz, I can tell that there are only good things waiting for anybody who wants to join. 

I would like to take this space to also thank the ICC and the Waseda Football team members for the idea and organization of this wonderful event. I’m looking forward to the next editions of this event. 


(photo by ICC)

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