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Event Report: Creating a Borderless World – Online Talk Session with teamLab’s Mr. Takeshi Yamada

ICC Student Staff Leader

(image by teamLab)

My name is G.F., the SSL in charge of planning and organising the teamLab – Creating a Borderless World event on January 14th 2021. This event was going to be held both in-person and online, however, due to COVID-19, it shifted to an online-only format.  

ICC had held some art-related events in the past, but none related to digital technology. Since people had been spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, many chose to begin a new hobby or go deeper in an existing one. Particularly, I saw many people make amazing pieces of art, and that itself inspired my own creativity. After lockdown ended, I visited teamLab Borderless, this time with more space and time to enjoy the interactive works of art.  

Another reason for holding this event was that, before deciding to return to my own country after graduation, I was looking into working for teamLab and other creative companies, and wanted to create an opportunity for other students to do the same.  


There were of course a few challenges in preparing for this event. This event actually began as a technologyfocused event, and I reached out to two other companies previously. Unfortunately, they declined but in hindsight, everything worked out fine. It was also hard to plan for the event and adapt to changes caused by COVID-19, but this pushed me to be more flexible. I had originally planned to host the event in November 2020, but due to my desire to use YouTube Live as a new format, I pushed the date back. In the end, however, I settled on using Zoom Webinar.  

The Day of the Event 

 Overall, the talk session was not similar to others that we had held in the past. The talk was not simply a lecture, but in fact, the participants were able to really understand teamLabs art, products and artistic vision through the use of video, photos and also a tour of teamLab HQ office. The questions were handled very smoothly, and due to good time management, almost all questions were able to be answered by the guest speaker.  

I was a little worried because I was not the experienced in using Zoom Webinar, but thanks to the other staff members that supported me every step of the way, the event was a success.  

(image by teamLab)


This was only the second event that I planned at the ICC. However, the experience from my first event was invaluable, teaching me organisational skills, in addition to how to contact external entities and work well as a team with other staff members. There was a bigger sense of responsibility this time because it was my last event, but I am glad it was at the ICC and in cooperation with teamLab 


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Mon, 01 Feb 2021

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