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Participant Report: Eye-opening interactions with Vietnamese university students

Volunteering in Vietnam (photo by DOORS)

Event: ICC Online English Discussion Café on the impact of volunteering on society, with Vietnam Japan University & Waseda University DOORS Student Volunteering Project (Dec. 17) 

School of Social Sciences
DOORS member 

On December 17th, students from Waseda University and Vietnam Japan University were invited to join an online event (details) that the ICC, DOORS, and VJU held together. It was a discussion event that aimed to let the participants share their thoughts of the impact which volunteer work could bring to society. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the event was held on Zoom.  

Because it was the first experience for all DOORS members, at first we genuinely had no idea who was going to attend or how many students would join us for the presentations and discussion. However, seeing more and more people joining us on Zoom made me really excited and eventually my job as a presenter went successfully.  

Listening to the VJU members’ presentation made me realize how much I could do to help developing countries like Vietnam and Myanmar through volunteering and donation. Their presentation was mainly focused on the social problems that are happening in their countries, as well as on SDGs.  

As a freshman who just entered Waseda University last spring and have barely gone on campus, I was wondering what to talk about in the introduction part of my own university. However, after did some research, I found tons of interesting and surprising facts that I had never known before. One of them was a fact that Waseda has produced seven prime ministers. The university offers international students many kinds of scholarships and I’m glad that a big number of them successfully got the chance to study at Waseda.  

Because of the university’s restrictions on extracurricular activities (for Covid), the opportunity to meet other DOORS members in person and get to know about my own club’s activities was lessened a lot, so making the presentation was actually really helpful for me to grasp what they have been working on to help and interact with the local Vietnamese people. 

The audience that joined us was mostly Vietnamese university students, who were so friendly and active in discussion. We did a little quiz as an ice breaker and then proceeded to the discussion topics that were related to the presentations. Despite the differences in language and nationality, we both listened respectfully to each other’s perspectives and ideas about what we could do for a better future. I believe that both the students from Waseda and VJU learnt a lot from this event. The participants were very active in my break-out room and we had a chance to exchange our contact info. We hope that one day we could see each other face to face. Overall, it was a great opportunity and I hope that I can join such a wonderful event again.


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Mon, 01 Feb 2021

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