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ICC Event Participant’s Report: Meiji Jingu Shrine Field Trip – Find the secrets of the 100-year-old forest

Jose Suzuki (Chile)
M.A. First year student
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSAPS)

The first time I came to Tokyo, in 2017, I had little time to do some sightseeing around this huge city. Because I was part in an official program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, on the last day we had some time to go see some places. I had the opportunity to see Shibuya, Harajuku and only the big torii in the entrance of Meiji Jingu.

Now, two years after this trip, when I saw that ICC was going to host a tour trip to this shrine, I didn’t hesitate to enroll. It was the perfect opportunity to know more about this place (it was advertised that there was going to be a guide) and to meet new people.

Even if I had to wake up early -after a long week of studies- to get on the train and Metro, it was worth it: the Meiji shine ground is very beautiful for strolling and relaxing; the guide (who worked in the shine) had very good disposition to answer our questions and the other Waseda students that joined were very friendly and kind.

One of the things I liked more was how they taught us the ritual to prey in a Shintoist temple,  details about what some Shintoism believes are and how is religion perceived in general in Japan.

We even had the opportunity to participate on a “prayer ceremony” (kigansai), an opportunity that maybe some Japanese can experience more easily, but that international people cannot.

I highly recommend that both international and Japanese students can participate in these activities organized by the ICC. There are unique experiences that help strengthen the friendship bonds and intercultural exchange. Also, there are unique tours were you can learn more about the Japanese way of life and traditions.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine


Fri, 06 Dec 2019

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