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ICC Event Participant’s Report: ICC Cooking Party

Deven Richardson

As a Research Student, I was looking for a way in which to make more Japanese friends during my time here at Waseda. With other events being posted, I was looking to try and find an event that would be really fun that would also let me enjoy a hobby that I love. That was when I discovered the ICC cooking party. This event was truly fun and enjoyable and helped me make even more friends here at Waseda University! While our recipe did not go as planned, just the enjoyment of working with a group of new students was fun enough! It was also a really informative event as well. Before we began to cook, we were able to learn different statistics about waste, the food processing timeline in Japan, and various other things regarding food waste management in Japan. The event ended with a group tasting session and discussion with the other groups which was truly enjoyable! Overall, I would highly recommend doing this event if you have some left-over ingredients and if you are looking for a fun event to make new friends and enjoy great food!

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Mon, 11 Nov 2019

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