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ICC Local Japanese Festa: My Hiroshima!(Nov. 22)


Hiroshima prefecture, a green and bountiful land warmed by the Seto Inland Sea.
The food capital that has brought us delicious citrus fruits, oysters, okonomiyaki and momiji manju!
And of course, you aren’t a true Hiroshiman unless you’re crazy for the local baseball team
the Hiroshima Toyo Carp!

Attention on Hiroshima is increasing every year and the area welcomes tourists from around
the world to its World Heritage sites like the Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima).

Now at this event, we will introduce the beauty and charm of Hiroshima to you!
As a guest we have invited the representative director of the Regional Branding Institute Co.,Ltd.
Hiroshi Yoshida to give a talk about Hiroshima’s efforts to promote sightseeing and
inbound tourism business.
We will also have presentations from Waseda students from Hiroshima and local people introducing
the hidden spots you have to see in Hiroshima prefecture and a mini Hiroshima dialect lesson too!

During the cafe mixing time, we will be screening the trailers of the multiple award winning anime
film “In This Corner of the World” and its sequel “In (Several More) Corners of This World” which is
due to be released on December 20th. These films paint a picture of everyday life in the city of
Kure in Hiroshima prefecture during the Second World War. There will also be a corner showing video of
the local dance “Hiroshima Kagura” which is recognised as a piece of national intangible cultural
heritage, and as well as that there will also be a display of the world famous traditional
“Kumano Brushes”; loved and used for makeup by celebrities worldwide and historically famous for their
traditionally crafted calligraphy brushes. You even be able to try them out in a mini calligraphy experience booth.

And that’s not all! There will also be a chance to try out Hiroshima’s the most popular souvenir snacks; “Momiji Manju” and “Seto Komachi”.

In the last part of the event, we will hold a special lottery where you can win Hiroshima Toyo Carp goods, Kumano Brushes, Miyajima rice scoops etc. This is a incredible chance that you cannot afford to miss!

This event has all the beauty of Hiroshima crammed into 1 hour and a half.
Food, film, trying out traditional crafts, sightseeing information, it is an opportunity to feel every aspect of Hiroshima!

So come along and experience the beauty of Hiroshima with us!

Date & Time

November 22nd, 2019 (Fri)   6:15pm-7:45pm (Doors Open: 6:00pm)


Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25) 1st floor


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public


English & Japanese




Not Required (Seats for 60 first come first served, standing room available)


150 people


1. Talk by Hiroshi Yoshida of Regional Branding Institute Co.,Ltd.

2. Presentations about Hiroshima sightseeing spots and Hiroshima dialect by students from Hiroshima.

3. Cafe Mixing Time
– Momiji Manju and Seto Komachi tasting
– Kumano Brushes display and calligraphy try-out corner
– Hatsukaichi City Kendama try-out corner
– Trailers of “In This Corner of the World” and “In (Several More) Corners of this World” screening booth
– Hiroshima Kagura screening booth
– Hiroshima Prefecture sightseeing information booth

4.Heartpounding Big Lottery!
(Scheduled Prizes)
– Hiroshima Toyo Carp goods
– Kumano makeup brushes 3 brush set.
– Kumano calligraphy brushes 2 brush set.
– Miyajima antibacterial rice scoop Shiromaru
– Wooden zodiac branded good luck ladle
– “Certain Victory” 8-go sized red ladle
– “The Book of Miyajima Ladles: The history that the ladle shop masters want you to know ~There are lots of ladles in Miyajima~”


Regional Branding Institute Co.,Ltd.
Institute of Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Federation
Akitakata City Sightseeing Department
Waseda Hiroshima Alumni Association
Waseda Hiroshima Students Alumni Association
Tokyo Hiroshima Kenjinkai


Nishikido Co., Ltd.
Hiroshima Toyo Carp Co., Ltd.
Houkodou Co., Ltd.
Shakushi no Ie Co., Ltd.

Institute of Hatsukaichi Tourism Association


Tel: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25) 1st floor


Thu, 24 Oct 2019

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