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ICC Event Planner’s Report: Let’s Experience Traditional Korean Sports ‘Taekwondo’ with K-POP

EW.K.(Student Staff)

11/26, “Let’s Experience Traditional Korean Sports Taekwondo with K-POP” was held.  The order was starting from presentation, performance by the guests, trial sessions, and café time.

Since it was my first time of holding event, there were many difficulties and troubles. However, there was always great support by other SSLs so I was able to finish the event successfully.

The first session was giving presentation about basic information of Taekwondo. It was great to be able to present about Korean traditional sports Taekwondo. Also, the participants seemed paying attention to the presentation with great interests. However, one demanding point was my role.

Since I was in charge of MC, having role of both MC and presenter simultaneously was quite challenging. It might be better if I had a Taekwondo student club presenting about it, but since it was only about few basic points, I was able to handle it.

Next session was performance by the guests. On the poster, it was mentioned that “You will be able to watch great performance by professionals!”. However, since the main players for performance session were under age of 18, I worried about the reactions of participants.

However, with the great quality of performance such as breaking the wood board by jumping and Taekwondo movements with K-POP, the reaction and review were positive. The quality of performance was outstanding and a way better than I thought at the beginning.

Next was the trial session. The participants were able to learn basic Taekwondo movements. One aspect I was really satisfied with was the atmosphere. The Taekwondo director was an amazing leader during this session. He altered the mood of the hall more flexibly and comfortably by giving sessions with full of humor. Everyone was able to learn Taekwondo with laughing all the time in bright and pleasant atmosphere.

Lastly, during the café time, the participants were freely having conversation with other people around them. Having snacks and drinks, participants took a rest after trial session. I was able to see satisfied faces of participants at the end of the event.

Through this Taekwondo event, I realized the importance of communication once again. By having great communication and interaction with other ICC staffs and participants, everyone was able to enjoy the event with high satisfaction. Overall, it was really great experience and impressive event for me as well.

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Fri, 14 Dec 2018

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