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ICC Language Lunch Events (December): English / Chinese / TOMODACHI Lunch / English Lunch with Brunei Students

Are you looking for a central location to eat your lunch?
Want to casually meet new friends during your break time?
How about practicing a language you’re learning with other students?
If so then check out the weekly Lunch Events held at the ICC Lounge!

It’s an easy way to meet people and make new friends here at Waseda.
For language lunches, everyone from beginners to native speakers are welcome!

There’s no fee or registration required, simply bring along your lunchbox to the ICC Lounge and chat to like-minded students!


★【English Lunch】 Dec. 1st (Tue)
⇒ Hello there! Speak English while you eat!

★【Chinese Lunch】Dec. 3rd (Thu)
⇒ Ni hao! Come chat in Chinese over lunch!

★【TOMODACHI Lunch】Dec. 8th (Tue) & Dec. 10th (Thu)
⇒ Talk about anything in any language you like!

★【English Lunch with Brunei Students】Dec. 9th (Wed)
⇒ Students from Brunei will first give a short presentation about their home country and then you can chat directly with them in English while you eat! Grab a seat while you still can!


  • Time:
  • Place:
    ICC Lounge (1F Building 3)
  • Capacity:
    35 people (first come, first seated)


*Don’t forget to bring your own lunch!


Tel: 03-5286-3990   E-mail: [email protected]

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