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ICC Lunch Event Series (April) English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / International Volunteering lunch

Looking for a centrally located place to eat lunch?
Want to casually meet new friends during lunch period?
Come and check out the ICC Lunch events held at the ICC.
Bring your own lunch and get a seat… while you can!

About the Lunch Events:

While you’re welcome to come to the lounge anytime, usually eating in the lounge is not allowed. However, for the lunch events, if you are looking for a place to eat or are busy during the afternoon ICC event hours, then this is a great chance to casually meet people over a meal at the ICC. Just don’t forget to bring your own lunch!

Themes & dates:

English Lunch: April 13 (Mon.) & 24 (Fri.)
Hi there! Meet English speaking students from all over campus!
Networking, friends, and fun, all centrally located at ICC!

Chinese Lunch: April 15 (Wed.) & 27 (Mon.)
Ni Hao! Try practicing your Chinese or chat with other native speakers at the ICC’s Chinese lunch. Come with friends or alone, it’s a great chance to meet people!

Korean Lunch: April 17 (Fri.) & 28 (Tue)
Annyeonghaseyo! Whether you’re studying Korean or would just like the chance to talk with native Korean speakers, come swing by and use your Hangul at the Korean Lunch.

Spanish Lunch: April 20 (Mon.) & 29 (Wed.)
Hola! Vamos a hablar en espanol! Whether you’re studying  Spanish or would just like the chance to talk with other native Spanish speakers, come swing by and use some espanol!

International Volunteering Lunch: April 22 (Wed.)
What comes to mind when you think about international Cooperation?
Come and chat to students who’ve volunteered abroad about their experiences and also discuss what you can do as a student!

  • Time: 12:15-12:55pm
  • Place: ICC Lounge (1st Fl., Bldg 3)
  • Capacity: 30 people (first come, first seated)
    *Don’t forget to bring your own lunch!

Inquiries: Tel: 03-5286-3990   E-mail: [email protected]

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