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The respective project research institutes conduct research activities using external funds as well as research funds contributed by participating faculty members. Three types of research are funded by external funding: contract research, joint research, and donations.

Contract Research and Joint Research

Contract research is carried out upon the commission of external parties including corporations, organizations, and individuals. The funds required in such research are borne by the commissioning party. Decisions on the research proposal, duration, expenses, and researchers will be made based on the “Research & Investigation Request Form”, and research will commence after the contract has been concluded.

Flow of procedures leading to the commencement of contract research

Please fill out the “Research & Investigation Request Form” upon review of details such as field research proposals and expenses.
Please sign and seal the “Research & Investigation Request Form”, and submit it to the office of the Future Robotics Organization.
3.Decision on acceptance
Approval for the contract for the research will be granted by the Steering Committee of the Future Robotics Organization.
4.Conclusion of contract
If an official contract is required, please attach a contract.
*Contract Research : Official Contract (template in Japanese)
*Joint Research : Official Contract (template in Japanese)
5.Payment of research fund
Please complete payment swiftly once the contract, invoices, and other documents is sent.
6.Report of results


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