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Prof. MIYASHITA Tomoyuki

Research theme

  • Research and development of robots operating in outer space
  • Research and development related to shape recognition, measurement, attitude control, satellite design and manufacturing, and space exploration technologies
  • Study on social construction of robotics and humans in space

Overview of research

There are many unknown parts in the universe. Getting observation equipment to the space between celestial bodies and celestial bodies, obtaining useful data and experimenting is an activity that contributes to the elucidation of unknown phenomena, and furthermore, it becomes an activity that contributes to the solution of future problems of mankind. For this purpose, it is essential to utilize robot technology and continuously establish the environment including human beings in outer space. Technologies in which Japan excels are also constructed from researchers, and it is necessary to continuously advance the demonstration experiment for sophistication of this technology and devising and making new technologies available, and it is possible and should be realized by utilizing the synthetic power of this university. In order to realize machines/robots that can be operated in outer space centering on robotics technology, the purpose is to consolidate the activities of researchers and carry out the following activities continuously and expeditiously.

  • R&D associated with the implementation of designing, manufacturing, testing, launching, and operation of satellites (WASEDA-SAT)
  • Research and development of elemental technologies necessary for space structures (shape recognition, measurement technology, development/extension mechanism)]
  • Research and Development on Position and Attitude Control Technologies for Space Structures and Mobiles
  • Research and development related to robots, machines, and humans (astronauts) that realize infrastructure (communication, space utilization, and living environment) in outer space

Project member


MIYASHITA Tomoyuki (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)


HURUYA Shuichi(Professor, Faculty of Law)
ISHIMURA Kosei(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
SATO Tetsuya(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
SHIMAMOTO Shigeru(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
SUGANO Shigeki (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
TAKANISHI Atsuo (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
YOSHIDA Makoto(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Room319, Bldg.#59, Nishiwaseda Campus, WASEDA University
[email protected]


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