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Institute for Healthcare Robotics


Prof. UMEZU Shinjiro

Research theme

  • Developments of robot system for surgery, welfare and nursing
  • Applications of technologies in medical robotics to maintenance of infrastructures
  • Applications of robot technology to sports science

Overview of research

Development of Intuitive Teleoperation Robot using the Human Measurement

  • Medical robotics technology applied to infrastructure inspection
  • Intuitive interface to operate a different structural robot from human body
  • Embody the image to grab and operate a robot for filling the physical difference from human and robot (embodiment)

Research on Instantaneous High-power Motion Generation by Whole-body Coordination of a Humanoid Robot

  • Robot joint mechanism capable of instantaneous high power demonstration
  • Whole-body coordinated motion generation method cooperate with elasticity of multiple joints

Research on Sensibility, Recognition and Assistive Technology

  • Sensibility and Recognition: Hardness identification is one of the most important tactile senses in humans. This study investigates the differential threshold of hardness for different finger postures of pressing.
  • Motion Analysis: The identification system of Locomotive Syndrome by analyzing three-dimensional joint kinematics data during walking is developed.
  • Application of the motor illusion: Vibratory stimulation of the tendon of the agonist’s muscle causes a motor illusion. This study examines the possibility of application to rehabilitation for paralysis caused by stroke.

Project member


UMEZU Shinjiro (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)


FUJIE Masakatsu (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)


UMEZU Shinjiro (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
IWASE Eiji (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
SUGANO Shigeki (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
TAKANISHI Atsuo (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
MIYASHITA Tomoyuki (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
FUJIMOTO Hiroshi (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
KAWAKAMI Yasyo(Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
ISHII Hiroyuki (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
OTANI Takuya(Junior Researcher(Assistant Professor), Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering)

ANDO Takeshi(Guest Junior Researcher)
KAWAMURA Kazuya(Guest Junior Researcher)
HOSHI Takeharu(Guest Junior Researcher)

Adjunct Researcher

TAMURA Toshiyo


Room316, Bldg.#59, Nishiwaseda Campus, WASEDA University

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