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Institute for Disaster Response Robotics


          Prof. OHYA Jun

Research theme

  • Four-arm, four-crawler disaster response robot
  • Legged robot with high locomotion and manipulation ability

Overview of research

Quad-Arm Operation Robot Under Extreme Environments

  • Able to operate under extreme environments utilizing quad arms and quad flippers. (Remove debris under high level radiation and hazard environments.Remove fallen trees,Fire distinguish,Cutting and crushing obstacles, etc.)

Research on Man-Machine Interface for operating Universal Robots in Hazardous Environment

  • Design and development of a remote controlled four-armed, four-wheeled crawler robot named “Octopus”.
  • Development of the eight limbs coordination control system for clearing rubble and saving lives in areas with complex terrain.
  • Design of a new control strategy which can fully play the structural characteristics of multi-arm and multi-crawler to adapt unstructured environment without using external sensors.

Development of legged robots with high accessibility under extreme environment

  • Versatility in locomotion styles of ladder climbing, crawling on uneven terrain, quadruped walking and wheeled driving.
  • Wiring going inside high-power actuator units with hollow structure without exposure.

Project member


OHYA Jun (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)


YAMAKAWA Hiroshi (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)


ISHII Hiroyuki (Associate Professor (without tenure), Faculty of Science and Engineering)
IWATA Hiroyasu (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
KAMEZAKI Mitsuhiro (Junior Researcher (Assistant Professor), Faculty of Science and Engineering)
SUGANO Shigeki (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
TAKANISHI Atsuo (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Adjunct Researcher

ISHIDA Tatsuzo
OGATA Hiroyuki
MIURA Hideyuki



Room314, Bldg.#59, Nishiwaseda Campus, WASEDA University
TEL : 03-5286-3262 / FAX : 03-3209-9176

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