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For Students with Hearing Impairments and Speech Disorders

Summary Notes

One supporter records keywords, concepts, and points centered on the main topics of the lecture to create something like ordinary notes. This is effective for students who are hard of hearing and would like to concentrate on “listening” or students who cannot take notes because they are watching sign language interpretation.

PC captioning

Two supporters work together to enter audible information, such as the teachers’ lectures and students’ statements, into a PC. Because the two supporters are entering information simultaneously, there is typically no note taking by other supporters.

Remote captioning

Captions entered jointly by two supporters will be sent via wireless LAN to tablets of students in remote locations.


This is a support method using the remote information assurance system, “T-TAC Caption.”

This system delivers sounds and receives captions by installing a special application in Smartphones or tablets. This system allows supporters to provide support without necessarily being in the same classroom as the student with hearing impairment but instead, from remote locations (such as other campuses or home).


* We receive technical assistance from Tsukuba University of Technology and PEPNet-Japan (The Postsecondary Education Programs Network of Japan) for this system.

Sign language interpretation

Sign language interpreters will interpret audible information, such as class content and students’ statements, into sign language.

Transcription of audible course materials

This method is a transcription of video or other audio materials used in the course. The transcription will be provided in paper form or as text data.

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