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About the Office


Academic support for students with disabilities

We provide the services that students with disabilities need for academic learning. The Physically Handicapped Student Support Department provides support to students with hearing impairment, visual impairment or mobility impairment, while the Developmental Disorder Student Support Department provides support for students with developmental disorders.

Development and training of supporters

We develop human resources with the skills necessary to support students with disabilities. We also provide training aimed at maintaining and improving the skills of active supporters.

Coordination of supporters

We assign the supporters who are in charge of providing support to students with disabilities. We make adjustments, as needed, based on feedback from the students with disabilities and the supporters, so that we can provide high-quality support.

Provision of services to faculty

We provide information to the faculty on how they can make special considerations for students with disabilities. We also provide supplementary services, such as transcription of audio materials used in classes, to support class management.

Provision of various information

We provide information on job openings, job fairs, and scholarships for students with disabilities to those who are registered with the Office.

Activities for raising awareness

  • Faculty and Staff Development
  • Making on-demand content of academic support for students with disabilities (only viewable by related parties of Waseda University)
  • Holding lectures that are open to the general public
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