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For Students with Developmental Disorders

The Office for Students with Disabilities historically provided support services necessary for academic learning to students with physical disabilities. Since June 2014, however, we also provide academic assistance to students diagnosed with developmental disorders.

A student support coordinator with expertise will explore specific support measures depending on the problems you are having, coordinate with other organizations within the school, and support you in resolving your problems.

Please contact the Developmental Disorder Student Support Department if you are having this problem and are looking for consultation.

Developmental disorder student support department

  • Office hours

Monday through Friday 9:00 — 17:00

* Closed on holidays of the University and national holidays

  • Location

Waseda Campus Building No. 25 (Okuma Garden House), back of the 1st floor

Map of Waseda Campus

  • Contact number

Developmental Disorder Student Support Department

TEL: 03-3208-0587

FAX: 03-3208-0960

What the Developmental Disorder Student Support Department does

1. Consultation for academic support

2. Individual consultation, support planning, assessment, support monitoring

3. Request, coordination, and convocation of support meetings to relevant organizations within the school regarding support

4. Planning, operation, and implementation of group counseling

5. Awareness activities for promoting understanding about students with developmental disorders, preparation of faculty guides

6. Coordination of use and operation of supporting students

7. Coordination with outside organizations (e.g., medical institutions, consultation institutions, high schools attended by students)

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