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Summary Notes

Example of Summary Notes (in Japanese)

Example of Summary Notes (in Japanese)

Unlike handwritten captioning, the main points of lectures are summarized and recorded. It is similar to notes taken in class by regular students, but it is created so that the student using the service can understand the notes, including the usage of symbols. This is typically done by one person, and seating locations are up to the needs of the student using the service.

Purpose of Summary Notes

Students with non-severe hearing impairment may not need support to the extent of handwritten captioning in classes where the teacher’s voice is relatively easy to hear. Nevertheless, you will miss some words, and it is not easy to take notes while concentrating on not missing what the teacher is saying or reading their lips. Therefore, records will be necessary. By using records, it is possible to compare what you heard with the records so that you do not misunderstand what was discussed in class. This is also effective for classes where you have a sign language interpreter, because you cannot write your own notes while concentrating on the sign language interpretation.

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