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[WasedaX] “Steps in Japanese for Beginners 1 Part 2” is open!

Looking for an online course in Japanese for beginners?

Finished “Steps in Japanese for Beginners 1 Part 1” and hungry for more?

“Steps in Japanese for Beginners 1 Part 2” launched January 9 and is currently ongoing!

About this Course

Andy is starting his life at a Japanese university but there are still many things, like which course he should take and where to buy the textbooks, that he needs to figure out. To do these things he gets the help of people around him by asking how to get somewhere and how long it will take. One day, a Japanese “Yosakoi” dance performance catches his attention.

What you’ll learn

  • To ask for directions to a destination
  • To describe the required travel time and route to a destination
  • To check course information
  • To describe plans and habits

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