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[WasedaX] “Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, and the Mysteries of the Universe” has Relaunched!

Interested in cosmic rays, supernovas, dark matter and other fascinating cosmic phenomena?

Registration is now open for Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, and the Mysteries of the Universe!

Course Name: Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, and the Mysteries of the Universe
Instructors: Professor Shoji Torii (Department of Physics, Waseda University), Associate Professor Holger Motz (Global Center for Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
Course Dates: September 25, 2018 ~ March 22, 2019

Throughout the course, we will explore the evolution of the universe, investigate the origin and propagation of cosmic rays, and follow the search for dark matter through cosmic ray observation.

Join us as we look through some of the latest findings from the Calorimetric Electron Scope (CALET), a joint project between Waseda University (JAXA), NASA and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), which has been installed aboard the International Space Station to help unravel some of our greatest mysteries!

The course began on Sep. 25, 2018, and takes approximately 12 to 20 hours to complete.
A firm grasp of Introductory Physics and Algebra is recommended.

Enrollment to this online course and auditing is FREE. To receive a verified certificate, a $49 fee needs to be paid to edX.

Enroll now!

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