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[WasedaX] Japanese Pronunciation for Communication has Relaunched!

Attention non-native Japanese speakers!

Ever felt like your message wasn’t completely getting across, even though your grammar and vocabulary are impeccable?
Are you sometimes concerned that your intonation might be a little off?
No worries, we’ve got you covered!

[JPC111x] Japanese Pronunciation for Communication” has relaunched on EdX!
Join us to get tips and practice on pronunciation, accentuation, and intonation.

Course Title: Japanese Pronunciation for Communication
Instructor: Professor Takako Toda (Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics, Waseda University)
Course Dates: September 25, 2018 ~ March 22, 2019

Follow Professor Takako Toda as you learn:

  • Appropriate pronunciation, accent and intonation to improve your communicative Japanese
  • Different techniques to practice and improve Japanese pronunciation, including “shadowing”
  • About Japanese culture and society through pronunciation practice

Listen to lectures by instructors from around the world as they provide customized tips on Japanese pronunciation specifically for native speakers of various other languages including Chinese, Korean, or English!

The course is open to anyone, but to take full advantage of the course, you should have:
*Basic understanding of Japanese
*Ability to read Hiragana and Katakana

Enrollment to this online course and auditing is FREE. To receive a verified certificate, a $49 fee needs to be paid to edX.

Enroll Now!

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