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Lecture by Prof. Philip Reid Met with Enthusiasm!


Prof. Philip J. Reid, who serves as associate vice provost for academic and student affairs and deputy CIO of the University of Washington, gave a lecture on Friday, July 14th regarding the process and results of University of Washington’s (UW) implementation of Canvas, the Learning Management System (LMS) currently in use at UW.


The lecture was preceded by a word of greetings from Professor Hashimoto, senior executive vice president for academic affairs, in which he mentioned that a consortium of members from various fields of expertise had gathered that day, and he hoped that everyone would be able to gain something from Prof. Reid’s lecture.

The lecture itself was rich with valuable information, such as the process UW experienced during their implementation of the new LMS, as well as the problems and mistakes that occurred along the way and how they addressed those issues. Prof. Reid also provided examples of applied uses of data gained from the implementation of Canvas which yielded critical information important to designing courses and helping students stay on track. He repeatedly emphasized ease-of-use and the importance of actively providing training to both faculty and students in the successful implementation of not just LMSs but for any new systems. Examples of third party applications that were integrated in to the LMS were given to demonstrate the positive results brought by the focus on ease-of-use.

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Many questions touching on important topics not discussed during the lecture were asked during the Q&A session, generating even more information for attendees to think about. Several participants stayed behind after the lecture was officially over to speak with Prof. Reid and ask additional questions and discuss various topics.

We would like to thank Prof. Reid for speaking at Waseda University for the second time following last year, and eagerly look forward to his next visit.

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