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Partnerships Overview

The Center for Data Science serves as Waseda University’s general office for data science, and works in cooperation with extramural organizations in industry, government and academia to resolve various social issues through data science research and education.

  • Industry-academia joint research in data science and exchange of human resources
  • Management and utilization of research and education data received from extramural organizations
  • Provision, joint development and expansion of data science platform
  • Joint research education program cooperation and personnel exchange with other universities and institutes
  • Providing data science non-degree program and lifelong learning courses
  • Undertaking data science consultations from companies and governments
  • Constructing and operating data science consortium with extramural organizations

Consortium (Waseda Data Science Consortium)

The Center for Data Science will actively promote the aforementioned collaborative partnerships through the creation of a consortium centered around the Center. The following three subcommittees have been established under the Consortium, and discussions are held on the respective contents while collaborative projects will be promoted and implemented.

  • Industry-government-academia cooperation
    Promotes joint research projects through industry-government-academia cooperation in the field of data science
  • Continuing education
    Develops and implements continuing education programs in the field of data science
  • Career education
    Develops a new generation of human resources through career education in the field of data science

Please refer to the URL below for details.


How to join the consortium

Download the application form from the URL below, fill in the necessary information, and send it to [email protected].

(Please submit other inquiries on partnerships using the inquiry form.)

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