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Research Overview

The advancement of information and communication technologies has made it possible to handle a wide variety of data, which has led to the growing importance of data science in both society and every field of academia, spanning the sciences, engineering, and the humanities.

The Center for Data Science provides a platform that integrates the latest developments in data science with academic expertise. Specifically, it engages in activities in the following areas:

  1. Data science research consultation desk
  2. Research projects
  3. Research support
  4. Waseda Integrated Research Platform (WIRP)
  5. Promotion of data science research

Research Consulting

The Center for Data Science welcomes research-related inquiries and consultation from the whole of Waseda University, and provides support for the application of data science.

If you are facing difficulties with the analysis and application of data in research in your area of expertise, for example, please feel free to approach the Center for consultation.

*Please be sure to check the details before consulting with the Center.

Scope of consultation: Application of data science in research at Waseda University (for example, research that is related to graduation thesis, Master’s dissertation, and research publication or presentation at academic conferences)

Eligibility: Students enrolled at Waseda University, researchers, faculty and staff whose primary affiliation is Waseda University

Research Projects

The Center for Data Science promotes interdisciplinary research projects through collaborations with data science research specialists, as well as corporations and researchers with data and expertise. The following are some examples of joint research projects.

  1. Data collection experiments for “smart stadiums”
    Research partners: Mizuho Bank, Blue Lab
  2. Review of big data analytical platform aimed at creating business value, in cooperation with Mizuho Bank
    Research partner: Mizuho Bank
  3. Development of Bayesian collaborative filtering methods for the creation of business value
  4. Secure data analysis platform that creates collaborations between corporations and universities
    Research partner: ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)
  5. Understanding human behavior and social systems through the use of banking data
    Research partner: Mizuho Bank
  6. Creation of a data ethical code that supports innovation
  7. Development of theoretical evaluation methods for mathematical models in information theory and information theoretic learning

Research Support

The Center for Data Science cooperates with researchers on applications for research funding.

When applying for research funding, such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI), researchers can include the Center for Data Science as a partner institution by applying to the Center beforehand with the contents of the collaboration.

*Available only to researchers and faculty whose primary affiliation is Waseda University.

Please click here for application details.

Reseach Platform WIRP

The Waseda Integrated Research Platform (WIRP) is a system that enables the application of the various forms of data provided by extramural organizations to Waseda University, to research and education. Data is provided to users in Waseda University through the WIRP.

When engaging in our activities, we sometimes receive feedback from internal parties that they wish to use off-campus data that is not made available to the general public, as well as from extramural organizations that they wish to provide their data to universities to enable the effective use of such data. However, it has mostly been impossible for extramural organizations that possess the data to provide it to internal faculty members and researchers unless there were any personal connections between the two parties. In light of that, we felt that it would be possible to realize the provision and utilization of data by serving as the intermediary between the two parties. The WIRP will be developed and established with this question in mind—“What constitutes the ease of data provision and use?”

Full-time faculty, staff and researchers of Waseda University can utilize data by following the procedures below.

WIRP usage procedures

  1. Complete user registration
    Follow the method below for completing and submitting user registration. After completing user registration, you will be able to access the WIRP shared folder.
  2. Search for the data that you wish to use
    From the database in the shared folder, select the data that you wish to use.
  3. Submit an application to use the data
    Open the folder for the data that you wish to use, follow the user’s guide, and submit an application to use the data. You will be able to access and use the data after completing the application to use the data.
  4. Use the data.


How to complete user registration

First, please read the “Waseda Integrated Research Platform Terms of Use” and the “Handling of Personal Information on the Waseda Integrated Research Platform.” If you agree to the terms of service, please click on “Apply” to commence the user registration process.

After completing the user registration, print out the WIRP User Registration Form, sign it and affix your seal, and submit it via on-campus mail (Waseda Mail). User registration will be deemed as completed upon receipt of the WIRP User Registration Form.

*Available only to researchers and faculty whose primary affiliation is Waseda University.

[Where to submit the application form]

Staff in charge of WIRP, Center for Data Science, Waseda University

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