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Writing Center Environment

It is a relaxing and nurturing work environment. The veteran tutors and professors are very accepting, and they accommodated my transition into the work environment quite well. Work is strictly separated in 45 min break for every 3 sessions worth of work to prevent overwork. The refresh room is always filled with snacks, coffee and lively conversations. The training every week reviews the contents of the job periodically, and I also like the self-reflection culture that promotes individual styles among tutors.



I started working at the writing center in September of 2016. In the beginning, the work seemed overwhelming to me, I had to learn not only the technical aspects of writing but also the nuances that takes place within a one to one session. There was one session where the writer showed signs of no confidence with his writing, to which I and the writer created examples guided by me showed how well they had  developed their skills. It was a very good session. The writer and I learned a lot.


Also, working with different writers was difficult in the beginning due to the disparity of mindset, writing style and nuances between the writers. However, handling these became my second nature and I was able to entertain the various ideas each writer presents. Which is a great part of the job that also helps me outside the Writing Center.


Things I learned working at the Writing Center

On top of learning the technicalities behind writing, I learned how to deal with different kinds of people while maintaining a common objective. I also gained a goal oriented mindset from the weekly training which we have every Monday and negotiation skills from conducting sessions. In my everyday life, a session can be thought to be any part of my day. I will then apply the same techniques I utilize in sessions and set micro goals which I follow at every moment to achieve my bigger goals.


Willy’s schedule with 9 sessions a week

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday Sunday
Morning  Writing Center Sessions 


 Classes at Nishi Waseda


 Writing Center Sessions 


 Writing Center Sessions 


Personal Time Personal Time Personal Time
Afternoon Tutors’ Meeting



Research   Research   Research   Personal Time Personal Time Personal Time
Evening Personal Time Research   Part-time work  Part-time work  Personal Time Personal Time Personal Time


Willy Lukito
MA Applied Mathematics (2nd year)

Research Topic :Statistical Analysis of a risk swap by a CHARN model
Became a tutor on 2016 Fall Semester

*Information is based on publication school year 2018.

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