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For online sessions (Spring Semester 2020): please check the “Using the Writing Center” page.

If you are unable to attend a reserved session, please cancel as soon as possible using one of the following methods:
It is possible to cancel a session up to the night before via MyWaseda reservation screen. For details, click here. For cancellations on the day of your scheduled session, please call the Center directly on 03-3204-9052 as soon as possible. The sooner you cancel, the sooner we can make that session available for another student.

Each student can only reserve one session at a time on MyWaseda. After that session has finished, you can reserve your next session. There is no limit on how many times you use the Center.

For online sessions (Spring Semester 2020): at the moment, we cannot accept walk-in sessions.

As long as there are vacancies, then it might be possible to be given a session immediately, or else reserve a session for later in that day. Please enquire at reception. However, at busy periods, such as the end of term, we recommend that you reserve a session online beforehand. You can find out about making an online reservation here.


In both cases, the tutor will help revise a paper written in Japanese while discussing it in Japanese. However, the writers and the tutors will differ. Sessions for “Japanese papers discussed in Japanese” are principally for native speakers of Japanese, whereas sessions for “Japanese papers discussed in Japanese for a Japanese language learner” are intended for students for whom Japanese is a second language. In the latter case, the tutor will have training in teaching Japanese as a foreign language.

In principle, it is not possible to choose a tutor by name when you reserve a session. However, if you wish to see the same tutor again, you can ask the tutor when they are scheduled to work and book a session for during those times.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. We cannot extend sessions.

For online sessions (Spring Semester 2020): please check the “Using the Writing Center” page to learn how to reserve in advance. At the moment, we cannot accept walk-in sessions.

You can make reservations up to the day before you require a session via MyWaseda (more details here). We do not accept reservations by telephone. In the event that there is a session vacant, it is also possible to reserve on the day by visiting our reception.


The Writing Center deals exclusively with academic writing. For more details, please click here.

The Writing Center is open during lecture times from Monday to Friday. Please click here for more detailed information on our opening hours.

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