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About the Writing Center

Using the Writing Center

Paper/Writing We Advise

At the Writing Center we deal with the following types of papers (please note that we do not specialize in particular subjects):

  • Term papers
  • Presentation scripts
  • Graduation theses
  • Masters theses
  • Ph.D theses
  • Articles for publication

* We do not deal with job hunting related materials. For these matters, please consult with the Career Center.



Session types

Writers are free to choose their reservation time and session type.

1 EE To discuss a paper written in English while speaking in English
2 EJ To discuss a paper written in English while speaking in Japanese
3 JJ To discuss a paper written in Japanese while speaking in Japanese
4 JS To discuss a paper written in Japanese while speaking in Japanese with a specialist in Japanese grammar
(For international students and beginners of Japanese)
5 JE To discuss a paper written in Japanese while speaking in English
6 CW To discuss a creative writing paper written in English while speaking in English
(We do not deal with creative writing papers written for commercial purposes)

Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday through Friday during term time, 10am to 6pm.

Session times(Each session is 45 minutes.)

Class Session
2nd Period 10:40 – 11:25
11:25 – 12:10
Lunch 12:15 – 13:00
3rd Period 13:00 – 13:45
13:45 – 14:30
4th Period 14:45 – 15:30
15:30 – 16:15
5th Period 16:30 – 17:15
  • There are no sessions between 12:15am and 13:45pm on Mondays due to our weekly tutor meeting.
  • You must fill in an application form at reception before you enter the booth for your session, so the earlier you arrive at the Writing Center the better you can use the remaining time for your session.
  • Opening hours and the types of session available are different in each branch. Please check below for the latest information.


  • Waseda Campus, Building 3, 2F(map
  • Nishiwaseda Campus Branch, Building 60, 2nd Floor, Room 201 (map, user guide
  • Tokorozawa Campus Branch, Building 100, Tokorozawa Campus Library (map, user guide

*TWIns Campus Branch, Building 50, Room 02C502 (closed from 2017 Autumn Semester)

Types of Reservation

You can book a session using one of the following methods. We accept your reservations in the following priority order.

  • First Priority
    Online Reservations(You can put in your reservation request up until the night before the session)
  • Second Priority
    Walk-in Reservation(You can reserve a session in person directly at the Writing Center on the day of the session)

How to Reserve Online

Step 01
Access MyWaseda.
Step 02
Input your Waseda Log-in ID and password.
※We cannot allow those who do not have a Waseda University Log-in ID to use our services.
Step 03
This is the page you will see if you successfully log-in to MyWaseda.
Click “Classes” on the menu on the top. (For faculty members, click Research).
Step 04
A pull-down menu will open after you click “Class Related”.
Click “Session Reservation” from the pull-down menu.
Step 05
The “Session Reservation” page will open.
Step 06
From the “choice of department (school)” pull down menu, click Waseda University Writing Center.
Step 07
Choose a Center location from the “choice of subject (course)” pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen.
Step 08
Make sure you read the information shown on the next screen.
Step 09
Choose a session category from the “choice of field” pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen.
Step 10
The reservation board details will be shown.
Step 11
Click the time slot of the session which is available to reserve on the day you desire. When you have successfully clicked your reservation slot, the time and date you desire will change to ●.
Step 12
The phrase “The session has been reserved,” will appear on the upper left hand part of the page.
Confirm again that the time and date are that of your reservation.
Then read the explanation regarding cancellations.
Cancelling a reservation
<Cancelling online>
Please login to MyWaseda in the same way you would to make a reservation. Then access the “Reservation Situation” page. When you click the ● of the time slot of your reservation from the summary of this page, the reservation will be cancelled and the message “The reservation has been cancelled” will appear on the screen. Confirm that the ● for your reservation time has become a ○. You can cancel a reservation only until the end of the day before your lesson (23:59pm).<Cancelling a reservation on the same day>
Call 03-3204-9052 if you have to cancel on the same day, or come into the Writing Center to tell us directly.


If you are late for more than 15 minutes, we consider it as a ‘no show’. Please note that another writer will be able to take over your session if you are late for more than 15 minutes. If you do not show up without notice for more than three times a semester, you will be unable to take any sessions at the Writing Center for that semester. In these cases, you may receive an email from the tutor-in-charge.

From Online Reservation to Having a Session

Step 01. ‘ I want to use the Writing Center’
  • Submitting writing for a class.
  • Preparing a graduation or M.A. thesis.

You can use the Center even if you have not written anything and are just at the brainstorming stage!

Step 02. Online reservations
Click here for online reservations from the MyWaseda until the day before your desired session.

It is possible to have a walk-in session if there are booths open even if you do not make your reservation the day before or the day of the session.
You can only reserve walk-in sessions at the Writing Center.
For reservations up until the day before a session, please make sure you use our Online Reservation system. We do not take reservations by telephone.

Step 03. Going to the Center at your reserved time
We recommend you come to the Center 5 minutes before your session starts. The Center staff will greet you when you arrive.
Step 04. At the Writing Center reception
Show the writing you would like to discuss to the reception staff at the front desk. If you bring a printout explaining the subject material to be written about (e.g. paper’s theme, word/ character limit), the session will progress much more smoothly.
Fill in the form entitled ‘Welcome to the Writing Center’ at reception.
Click here for a session summary
Step 05. Meeting the tutor
The reception staff will introduce you to the tutor and the session will begin.
Step 06. Having a session
One session is 45 minutes. Click here for details on a session.。
Step 07. The end of the session
Please fill out an evaluation of the session after it ends and before leaving the Center.
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