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Foreign Student Admission Examination【Both Master・Ph.D】


  • Entrance examination guidelines, application forms, etc. are posted on this page. (In early to mid-June, the information for the next calendar year is posted online) No print copies are distributed or sold.
  • For more information about research guidance please consult Research Field Introductions. Also be aware that some faculty members are not accepting new students.
  • Before you apply, contact the faculty member in charge of your desired research field and discuss your expected research topic. Please do not apply without first consulting the faculty member with whom you wish to work with. For contact information of each faculty member, please see the Entrance Examination Guidelines and the public information available on the “Graduate School of Human Science’s Research Field Content” Page.
  • When applying for a 2-year Master’s programs in a Clinical Psychology Research field or 1-year Master’s program in Clinical Education courses, you must consult with a faculty member and attend a Clinical Psychology presentation held by that faculty member. Details can be found on the Entrance Examination Guidelines/ Application Forms page.
  • The application period and other deadlines vary with each faculty member. Please read the Entrance Examination Guidelines carefully to avoid any mistakes in the application process.
  • Those who are  “Foreign Students” must take the “General Admission Examination” . Please see the appropriate page for further details.(written by Japanese)
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