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Waseda Review of Socio-Science

The scholarly journal of Waseda University Institute for Advanced Social Sciences ”Waseda Review of Socio-Science”

The scholarly journal of Waseda University Institute for Advanced Social Sciences “Waseda Review of Socio-Science”

Waseda Review of Socio-Science is a scholarly journal published by the Waseda University Institute for Advanced Social Sciences with the goal of advancing the Institute’s core principles by publishing selected research by Institute members, full-time faculty members in Waseda University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, students in Waseda University’s Graduate School of Social Sciences, and others. Socio-Science publishes a broad range of original research encompassing social sciences and their interdisciplinary studies with humanities, engineering and natural sciences.

Online publicationThe peer-reviewed journal articles that have been accepted for Socio-Science are available here prior to official publication.


Back Numbers

Back numbers after Waseda Review of Socio-Science Volume 6 can be viewed from the Waseda University Repository.

Call for Papers

Submission Guidelines for Socio-Science

Socio-Science Review Process

Socio Science Instruction to Author


Manuscripts may be submitted by Institute members, students of Graduate School of Social Science etc*.
*students of Graduate School of Social Sciences etc means  students enrolled in the Graduate School excluding non-degree students; students who completed a Master’s program at the Graduate School within the past two years, and students who received credits in a doctoral program at the Graduate School and withdrew within the past three years.
1.Deadline Schedule of Submission
1st deadline 9th June, 2021 (Wed)
2nd deadline 8th September, 2021 (Wed)
3rd deadline 12th January, 2022 (Wed) ※Please note that if you submit your paper on the date shown on the left, it will be issued after volume 29th.
* We will accept your paper three times a year. Please submit the manuscript by the deadline.
* Please upload the opinion form (in Japanese) from your supervisor to the Open Journal System .
* If your supervisor is absent due to sabbatical, etc., please ask the advisor who is supervise you to complete the opinion form.
2. Since peer review is conducted blindly, please submit the dissertation data anonymously.
3. It will take approximately 4 months from the deadline for each submission to notify the peer review results.
4. <For current students> Peer review of Socio Science(in Japanese only)
Manuscripts shall be submitted through Open Journal System(OJS)
You need a Login ID to use OJS. Please send an email to Editors of Waseda Review of Socio Science([email protected])(Subject:Socio Science Post ID application or ソシオサイエンス投稿ID申請. Main Text:Applicant Name(Japaense and English), affiliation, faculty staff number or  student ID number)for your request.
We will inform your ID within a week(Subject: [Socio Science] Journal Registration or[ソシオサイエンス]ユーザー登録のお知らせ)
If you do not receive any message,  please contact the Editors of Waseda Review of Socio Science.(please kindly make sure the reply might be sorted into the box for junk emails )
The Password is set automatically, so please change your password after login to your account.
Use the following template when submit your paper.
Information Sheet of the Manuscript shall also be submitted to Open Journal System(OJS)
  ①Template (Japanese only)
  ②Information Sheet of the Manuscript
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